PoC Radios: Why Are They Better Than Traditional Two-Way Radios?

PoC vs Traditional Two Way Radios

There are certain industries that operate with a mobile workforce such as logistics and transportation, construction, mining, etc. These businesses are always seeking efficient ways to improve long-distance communication and collaboration for their field employees.

Traditional two-way radios were largely used in field services until recently. However, radio-based two-way communication has massive limitations and does not resonate with modern field communication needs. This is why a majority of businesses are considering alternatives to walkie-talkie radios such as push-to-talk over cellular (PoC). Traditional two-way radios like walkie-talkies are rapidly being replaced by modern-day PoC radios which offer the same half-duplex connectivity with greater stability and reliability.

What is PoC Radio?

PoC Radio or Push-to-Talk over Cellular radio is a sturdy push-to-talk device that establishes a half-duplex connection between 2 users over cellular networks such as  3G, 4G and WiFi. Unlike traditional two-way radios, PoC radios offer a more stable connection with which users do not need to worry about being intercepted or experiencing frequent call drops.

6 Reasons Why PoC Radios Are Better Than Two-Way Radios for Field Communication

Employees working in field services need a communication platform that is simple and fast. Modern-day communication methods like phone calls, text messages and emails fail to deliver the speed and efficiency that push-to-talk communication offers.

PoC radios and two-way radios like walkie-talkies are two sides of the same coin. Yet, PoC radios are considered more suitable for modern-day field communication needs. The prime difference is that traditional two-way radios use radio networks to establish a connection between two users. In contrast, the PoC radios leverage the 4G/LTE networks to make the connection.

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Here are some reasons why PoC radios prevail over traditional two-way radios:

1. No Coverage Limitations

Unlike traditional walkie-talkie radios that present line of sight limitations when it comes to coverage, modern PoC radios use cellular networks to offer global connectivity. Your employees can connect with their team members just a few meters away or with other teams located miles away with instant push-to-talk connectivity.

2. High-Quality Audio

Traditional walkie-talkie radios present unstable connectivity with frequent call drops and excessive static noise. When working in remote locations with noisy work environments, communication needs to be crystal clear. PoC radios offer high-quality audio over cellular networks and prevent miscommunications.

3. No Licenses & Permissions Required

Implementing traditional two-way radios like walkie-talkies require businesses to buy expensive licenses and permissions based on the area of operation. With PoC radios, however, the setup is easy and companies do not need to purchase licenses and can skip investing in cabling, boosters and repeaters.

4. Range of Features

Unlike traditional walkie-talkie radios which offer just push-button connectivity over radio networks, modern-day PoC radios present a comprehensive range of features to enhance communication for the field and mobile workforce. You can send text messages, images, videos and share locations.

5. Secure Communication

When it comes to communicating sensitive information, radio networks are unreliable. They can be shared and easily intercepted, making them prone to security breaches. Comparatively, PoC radios use encrypted cellular networks, enabling secure conversations between users.

6. Rugged in Make

Most modern-day PoC radios are built to withstand harsh outdoor environments considering the high-risk nature of the industries they are used in. PoC radios have a sturdy body that is fall and water-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations.

Turn Your Rugged Devices Into PoC Radios With NuovoTeam

NuovoTeam is a push-to-talk app that empowers businesses to turn their smartphones and rugged devices into PoC radios. With NuovoTeam, you can skip purchasing dedicated PoC radios and turn your existing smartphones into PoC radios with just a few clicks.

NuovoTeam offers a powerful push-to-talk app for your end-users with which they can leverage instant push-button connectivity over 3G, 4G or WiFi networks, send text messages, images, videos, share locations, record clock-ins and clock-outs, sync corporate directories for easy contact management and much more.

Managers can leverage a high-performance command center which allows them to keep a track of their distributed employees’ locations, work hours, and attendance and even make direct PTT calls straight from the dashboard using their PCs or desktops.

NuovoTeam integrates easily with all Android and iOS smartphones, as well as rugged smartphones including the following:

  • CAT  S22 Flip/S62
  • Samsung Xcover5
  • Cyrus CS22 XA
  • Kyocera E7110
  • Crosscall CORE-X5
  • Pointmobile PM85

Closing Lines

Be a forerunner in a competitive market. Let ambiguity never stand in the way of your business growth. Turn your smartphones into PoC radios to empower your mobile workforce with ultra-fast and reliable connectivity from anywhere in the world. Boost your customer satisfaction and brand reputation with NuovoTeam.

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