7 Reasons Why Push-To-Talk Is Ideal For Your Organization

When it comes to remote working, smartphones are the most common mode of communication for businesses. You cannot imagine a day without checking your emails, connecting with your colleagues and attending meetings using your smartphone. But, do smartphones always ensure reliable information exchange? Are missed calls and unread messages commonplace, especially when trying to reach your field workforce?

Your field employees are almost always engaged in physical and heavy-duty operations that may not allow them to receive phone calls on time. Push-to-Talk is an ideal way to stay efficiently connected with your field workforce.

Push-To-Talk for Field Communication

What is Push-to-Talk?

Push-to-Talk (PTT) is a mode of communication that allows users to leverage voice communication at the press of a button. This method has been traditionally used by devices such as walkie-talkies and two-way radios that function on a half-duplex mode allowing one person to talk at a time over radio frequencies.

The modern-day PTT technology allows smartphones to mimic walkie-talkies and enables users to leverage the same half-duplex mode of communication over the cellular networks. Users can install PTT apps on their smartphones and obtain instant PTT connectivity devoid of complex dialing and typing procedures.

Industries That Benefit the Most From Push-to-Talk

All businesses that have a field workforce can benefit by implementing Push-to-Talk technology to stay connected with their on-field employees. Emails, phone calls and text messages may not be as efficient to communicate with the field workforce. Providing smartphones to your on-field employees with PTT apps installed on them can allow your employees to leverage instant PTT connectivity, without having to carry extra devices.

Some of the key industries that benefit from the modern-day PTT technology are:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Logistics & transportation
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Security services
  • Hospitality

7 Reasons Why You Must Pick Modern-Day Push-to-Talk (PTT) for Field Communication

1. Instantaneous Communication

The best advantage of using smartphones integrated with PTT apps is that you can leverage instant connectivity with your field workforce. Employees need not search and dial phone numbers, establish a connection or wait for the receiver to answer the phone, exchange pleasantries and then ultimately convey their message. PTT requires a simple push-button action that saves ample time and offers easy connectivity to your field workforce.

2. Worldwide Coverage

Several businesses have a distributed workforce making streamlined communication a top priority. Modern-day PTT apps can be integrated easily with smartphones allowing instant connectivity over cellular networks. This breaks the geographical barriers presented by two-way radios or walkie-talkie devices. Your field employees can connect with their colleagues or line managers from anywhere in the world.

3. Cost Control

We have already established that making business phone calls may be very time-consuming for your field workforce. But time is not the only thing that is excessively spent on telephone calls, businesses end up spending a lot of money on telephone bills too. Phone calls are longer compared to short and precise PTT calls. PTT helps businesses save costs on excessive cellular and roaming charges. Besides, modern-day PTT apps can be easily installed on your employees’ smartphones which negates the need for businesses to invest in purchasing special PTT devices.

4. Hands-free Communication

Your field workforce operates in harsh environments, with their daily activities involving heavy machinery and labor-intensive processes. On-site employees have a hectic schedule that may not allow them to receive and relay messages on time. But, on the other hand, answering your line manager’s calls is equally crucial. The PTT technology offers the ideal solution to this problem. PTT enables barge calls that can be heard by the employee and everyone in his surroundings as and when received. With this, field employees can receive business-critical information in a hands-free and eyes-free manner.

5. Improved Safety

The field workforce generally operates in high-risk zones with protective gear and gloves. One misstep can lead to an accident or a hazard. Having a hands-free mode of communication goes a long way in ensuring the safety of your field employees. Moreover, since PTT enables instant connectivity, it is the most ideal tool for crisis communication. Your employees can send out SOS alerts, convey crisis updates and obtain help faster compared to the other business communication methods.

6. Group Connectivity

Making a phone call may serve the purpose when you want to convey information to a particular employee. However, when business-critical updates need to be conveyed to an entire on-site crew, phone calls are tedious and inconvenient. Modern-day PTT allows you to address a specific group of people and ensure efficient information transfer to your entire crew.

7. Multi-Media Messaging

Modern-day PTT apps not only enable your field workforce to leverage instant PTT connection but also share files of diverse formats such as images, documents, video editing, videos, etc. You can share business-critical documents, receipts and certificates with your field workforce. Field employees can also share their current location with their fellow colleagues or line managers.

NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk App: Simplifying Field Communications

NuovoTeam is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) app that can be easily integrated with Android and iOS smartphones to keep your field workforce effortlessly connected. With NuovoTeam, businesses can leverage anywhere connectivity with PTT and a line of effective communication features that prevents the information from being siloed.

Why is NuovoTeam the best choice for your business?

  • Desktop PTT: NuovoTeam not only simplifies communication for your field workforce but also helps your office staff connect instantly with your on-field employees using Desktop PTT. Line managers and supervisors can make PTT calls from any machine that has the Chrome browser, be it PCs, macOS or Linux machines. With this, your office staff need not constantly switch between PCs and smartphones to make PTT calls.
  • SOS Communication: NuovoTeam allows users to create diverse channels for group-specific communication such as public, limited-public, closed and SOS channels. The SOS channel is ideal for crisis communications. Your employees can share a 10-second PTT message followed by the location of the user using the SOS channel.
  • Better Call Management: Your employees need not memorize dozens of phone numbers. NuovoTeam consolidates a contact list of all the members of your organization for your employees’ convenience.
  • Live Voice Playback: NuovoTeam also ensures that no business-critical message is missed. Employees can replay PTT messages any number of times.

Closing Lines

Your field workforce is a unit of your business that requires constant and stable communication. Modern-day PTT can revolutionize field communication for your business. You can reap the benefits of modern-day PTT by implementing a PTT software that offers simple and powerful enterprise-grade communication.

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