How Does NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk App Work?

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The workforce today is tech-driven, tech-savvy, and majorly remote. We all have witnessed the power of telecommuting in the recent past. It worked as a silver lining during crisis time. Employees choose to work remotely as it gives a better “work-life balance.”

But when it comes to on-field employees or non-desk workers- working from home has never been a choice. According to Buffer¹, the 3 major challenges related to remote work are loneliness, communication, and unplugging from work after work hours. 

Let’s understand the Push-to-talk or PTT technology in brief.

PTT Devices, Technology, and PTT apps: An Overview

Conventional PTT devices or handheld Walkie-Talkie devices are robust and sturdy devices meant to be used in harsh and hostile environments such as natural disaster sites, construction sites, factories, oil and gas industries, mines, roads, etc. Onsite workers, first responders, and on-field workers use them to send two-way voice messages with just a press of a button. But these traditional devices work within a limited range. Also, they are bulky devices that are heavy to carry along, thus they are an added responsibility. 

Push-to-Talk apps came as a breeze of fresh air to the secluded remote field force, that now can leave those bulky handheld devices at bay and can stay mobile, without losing touch with the entire team. 

The nature of their very job demands the field force to be on the go, most of the time. Their challenges are unique and so should be the technology. 

NuovoTeam PTT or push-to-talk app is such a technology that helps the on-field remote workforce to communicate, collaborate, and stay updated and engaged. 

Let’s unfold the most trusted, reliable, and latest PTT app, NuovoTeam PTT app in detail.

NuovoTeam: The Best Push-to-Talk Mobile App

NuovoTeam is flawless, reliable, and the most trusted app available in the market today. 

In fact, with its on-point features, it is worth saying that it’s one of the best mobile apps that offers an exceptional experience to on-field workers and their employers. 

  • NuovoTeam enables remote workforce to engage, communicate, and collaborate across teams.
  • It is a software-based app with a push-to-talk feature that can benefit organizations and their on-field employees. 
  • It offers multi-device support across diverse networks.
  • Its intuitive dashboard allows the IT admins to have a 3-dimensional view of the device fleet. This helps in managing and monitoring the devices effectively.
  • It is cost-effective and user-friendly.

In short, it is a modern-day tool for smart enterprises. It is simple, reliable, and secure.

Industries NuovoTeam Caters to

Nuovoteam is the lifeline of many professionals, such as public safety professionals, construction site workers, police officers, paramedics, firefighters, delivery drivers, health care workers, etc. 

Many industries that benefit from the NuovoTeam PTT app include:

  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Health care
  • Disaster management
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Cleaning and Homecare
  • Constructions

Key benefits of NuovoTeam PTT apps

NuovoTeam is powered with the latest technologies that helps the workforce to enhance productivity and collaboration. Organizations across the globe use NuovoTeam which offers various benefits to employers and employees, both. Let’s take a quick look at some of the major benefits.

Push-to-talk feature and Instant Communications:

Instant communications are important to businesses worldwide. The flawless modern-day Push-to-talk app, NuovoTeam enables team members to connect instantly, across devices, irrespective of location. 

It facilitates employees to talk or communicate with just a press of a button. Employees can collaborate in various groups and can send live alerts and broadcasts to the entire team at once. 

Easy Document Sharing:

Through the NuovoTeam app, all kinds of documents and files can be attached and distributed company-wide, which makes the operations smooth. 

Privacy Focused Location Tracking:

The push-to-talk apps or the PTT apps offer location tracking facilities that help the companies take care of and track their on-field force in real-time. 

Monitored clock-ins and clock-outs:

Employers can keep track of their field force workers’ clock-in and clock-out time, which can help to increase employee productivity and at the same time, can help identify overburdened workers. This way, employers or supervisors can help their workers keep engaged and well-monitored too. They can also schedule and assign tasks through this app.

VoIP calling and encrypted multimedia messaging:

Field workers can leverage VoIP calling facility and encrypted text messaging. 

Live Voice Playback:

Field workers can listen to voice messages live or later, as per their time and convenience.

Emergency SOS alert feature:

NuovoTeam offers an emergency SOS alert channel that can be created in three different ways i.e. organization level, team level, and custom channel. This allows the team members to alert the entire team in a fraction of seconds. This feature is unique and helps prevent accidents at bay! The participants present in that SOS channel can respond to the received SOS message.

How does the NuovoTeam app work?

Let’s discover the steps to create a new account, and then the steps to enroll, and get started with the dynamic dashboard of the NuovoTeam app.

To set up an account:

Step 1. Sign up for the NuovoTeam PTT by clicking here.

Step 2. Fill in your credentials. Your name, Your work email, password, and phone number (optional). Agree to the terms and policies.

Step 3. Click on Create Account.

Step 4. A verification email will be sent to your registered email address. You can click on the link provided in the mail to verify your account. You will see this message:

Step 5: Choose what’s relevant to you. Select your industry, expected number of users, and how you would like to use Nuovoteam. 

An option below allows you to go to the dashboard where you can leverage the settings.

After the account creation and registration, you will get to see the NuovoTeam dashboard. 

Our user-friendly interface says it all! Have a look at the dashboard’s pretty face as you step in.

Our dashboard has an extremely helpful interface, with “Start Guide” and “Contact our Product Expert” features; so that you can always have the best experience by knowing what all we know as we developed the app.

Steps to install the NuovoTeam app and enroll your devices.

Step 1. Install the mobile app via the App Store or Google Play. You may also scan the QR code via your mobile to download the app easily.

Step 2: Invite your employees or co-workers. 

Step 3: Create a Team. Here, you can control contact list visibility, configure work schedules like Clock-ins and Clock-outs, and configure location settings.

Let’s get familiar with the dashboard.

The vertical panel on the left of the dashboard has tabs to explore and set various features based on your requirements and convenience. They are listed as follows. Start Guide, Chat, Push-To-Talk, users and teams, channels, DeepDive, location, integrations, settings, and billing. Please refer to the screenshot below.

Let’s explore the features in the  vertical panel one-by-one to understand NuovoTeam better.

  1. Start Guide

Start Guide enables you to enroll and set up your devices, invite users, etc. This is a very important option as, without this basic step, you cannot use the NuovoTeam app. Whenever you would want to use other features of the app, this window will pop up again and again, unless you enroll and invite users:

  1. Chat

After setting up your device, and user enrollment, you can try the chat option. It allows users to add users, view active chat, access company-wide contact details, create channels, and schedule live broadcasts for the entire team. Also, you can create SOS channels through this chat window.

  1. Push-to-Talk

This option allows you to leverage the benefits of PTT, walkie talkie or Push-to-talk on your Android and iOS mobile phones. A small video clip shows how the Push-to-talk app works. Please see the screenshot below:

  1. Users and Teams

This option comprises the utilities to build your contact list and build teams. It encompasses Users, Teams, Newsfeed, and contact list.

  1. Channels

Nuovoteam allows team-wide communication through various custom channels and mediums like one-way broadcast, News Feed for your company, public channels, etc.

  1. DeepDive

Nuovoteam facilitates by providing quick and deep insights into your inventory. There are options to see how many users are enrolled, how many field workers have clocked in and clocked out, their total average working hours, late clock-ins, and many more such incidents, which help manage and monitor the workforce. 

  1. Location

NuovoTeam helps Track, manage, and monitor device location in real-time. This helps in keeping your field-force in touch and on track, always.

  1. Integrations

This feature comprises all the integration options that let you deploy NuovoTeam to all your devices via MDM, or use our APIs to integrate NuovoTeam in your systems.

  1. Settings

This option is very useful as it helps configure settings for various features from a common place such as message settings, Push to Talk settings, location settings, etc. 

  1. Billing

This option allows you to purchase and manage licenses. You can see license number, plan, users, cost, validity, and status.

Below these, at the bottom left corner of the dashboard, there are three options.

Starting from the left, the first one shows the days remaining with the current plan purchased, start guide, and help, respectively.

Help and Support

Through our dashboard, you contact a product expert in case of any query. 

For added clarity on the product, you can explore the help section also. 

Closing lines

Nuovoteam, with its lightning-fast communication channels, keeps the mobile workforce connected with instant voice messaging, text, and multimedia messaging. 

The on-field employees work for businesses day and night to ensure smoother operations. So, businesses need to provide such a deserving field force with reliable apps like NuovoTeam that support employee engagement, collaboration, satisfaction, and overall business success. 

After all,

“Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.” 

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