Can a smartphone be used as a Walkie Talkie?


The workforce today heavily relies on smartphones for their day-to-day tasks and communications. Living in an era of remote work is not super easy. This era requires cutting-edge technologies that can be utilized by almost all the resources working from the office as well as working remotely like frontline workers, first responders, or on-field resources.

But you know what!? Sometimes, cutting-edge technology has roots from the past. It is indeed very true when we talk about walkie-talkie devices or walkie-talkie technology that is still used extensively by the majority of the field-workers. But as the technology is old, our industry enthusiasts have left no stones unturned to make it relevant for today’s modern world business requirements. 

As the businesses go remote, industry leaders sought modern ways to manage, monitor, and secure their remote device fleet. A technology like “walkie-talkie,” is now available to the modern remote workforce as Walkie-Talkie or Push-to-talk Apps. These apps can be easily deployed on smartphones and are compatible across diverse OS platforms. But is it worth it to use this technology when we already have feature-rich smartphones? Or let’s hop to the question, Can a smartphone be used as a Walkie-Talkie? Let’s unfold the pages of history about walkie-talkie.

History of Walkie Talkie

Long before, when the world was hit by a war (World War 2) and when mobile phones were not in existence, limited range Walkie-Talkie devices came into existence. Then, the walkie-talkie devices were based on radio signals and were used majorly for military purposes during wars to send alerts to soldiers and army officials. It helped them connect and collaborate. Then, came the evolved version of heavy backpack walkie-talkie transceivers, the handheld walkie-talkie devices that revolutionized the field of radio communication. The technology was simple, push a button to send a quick voice message for the other end to receive and respond back. They were, in technology, no way near to the modern-day smartphones; but were still relevant and useful. 

Let’s take a look at the challenges with traditional walkie-talkie devices.

Challenges with Traditional Walkie-Talkie Devices 

The frontline workers or non-desk workers are the resources who are always on the go. They are either traveling, working on construction sites, factories, mines, and harsh and sometimes hostile environments. Walkie Talkie devices are bulky and are not so easy to carry along. The workers who use walkie-talkie are bound to carry heavy handheld rugged walkie-talkie devices, which becomes an added responsibility. Also, these walkie talkie devices work within a limited range. Beyond that, they are of no use. They are non-trackable and if stolen or lost; it is another tough task to retrieve the devices back. But it is also a fact that some things never become old, it’s just that their face changes. The same goes with walkie-talkie devices too. Traditional walkie-talkie technology, paired with modern-day smartphones in the form of an application, have helped businesses across the globe overcome the challenges, with ease. 

Come let’s hover through the smartphones.

Smartphones: An Overview

Can anyone or any business survive without smartphones? Guess, not!  They are really smart and sophisticated. People of almost all age groups today know exactly how they work, and how they can be used for personal entertainment and infotainment purposes. But they come with a certain set of challenges when it comes to quick communications. 

Calling or texting through smartphones can be lengthy and complex. In order to talk to someone, the user has to call and wait for the other end to respond back. Sometimes, the other user may or may not respond back in real-time. In an emergency, such lengthy calling-methods can cost a lot. Also, conventional methods of typing messages to text are apparently more time consuming than  walkie-talkie methods.

Waiting for the other end to respond back, even for a minute or two, can lead to hindrances  in what could have been done in  fractions of seconds. 

For businesses, generally, it is difficult to track the productivity of remote workers, on-field workers, or frontline workers by just contacting them over the phone. The weakest point with remote workers is they are generally surrounded by distractions, isolation, dissatisfaction, and challenges. In that scenario, the businesses have no other option than to suffer!

 So, let’s jump to the solution.

The Solution-The Push-to-Talk app or PTT app or Walkie-Talkie app

Yes, a smartphone can be used as a Walkie Talkie!!

Walkie-Talkie is an age-old but essential technology invented years ago, and its utility is still relevant. But the devices that were meant to be used as walkie-talkies had limited functionality and businesses including the remote workforce today, hate limits when it comes to functionality and operations. 

So, here’s the solution that modern-day businesses rely on. A systematic, feature-rich, trackable, and user-friendly app-NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk or PTT app. NuovoTeam app can be easily installed on your Android or iOS smartphones, and come with advanced features. 

Smart PTT apps like NuovoTeam not only help manage and monitor the field force but also provide improved employee engagement and collaboration, better productivity while at work through company-wide faster communications. In short, these apps have modified the whole canvas of the walkie-talkie communication experience, and have improved the overall health of the organizations and their field force. These apps can be installed on office-owned digital devices, can be easily tracked, managed, and monitored. 

Beneficial Features of NuovoTeam

NuovoTeam is the most reliable, and modern-day software-based latest Push-to-talk app which not only replicates the Walkie-Talkie experience; but also provides exceptional features and benefits like:

  • Unified console
  • Diverse OS & device compatibility
  • SOS alert in case of panic situations
  • Document Sharing
  • Encrypted Multimedia messaging
  • Clock-in and Clock-Out monitoring
  • Corporate Directory Access
  • Location Tracking
  • Adequate Employee Engagement
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure Communication 
  • Team Collaboration
  • User-friendly
  • Easy Deployment OTA

These apps not only ensure that the workforce outside offices is productive, but they also ensure the workforce outside the office has better job-satisfaction level and are not overworked. So it’s a win-win at both ends!

Closing lines…

Smartphones combined with capable Push-to-Talk apps like NuovoTeam can bring a sigh of relief to your business as a whole as they help to manage, monitor, and keep track of your field force. 

With such great features, NuovoTeam is undoubtedly one of the best Push-to-talk apps in the global market today. This app allows swift and secure remote workforce communications, and provides an invisible boundary of protection to your workforce that’s traveling, on-site, and away from the office.

Certainly, with such powerful Push-to-talk apps, as a team and as a business; there is no looking back. 

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