How NuovoTeam PTT App Helps Non-desk Workers?


The field force plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining a company’s brand reputation and value because they meet and interact with the customers directly. In short, they are the real face of the company they work for. Therefore, It is very important for the businesses to not only manage and monitor the on-field employees but it is also very important to keep them well-collaborated, satisfied, and in sync.

Since the on-field workers are always on-the-go, traveling, or working in harsh environments like construction sites, factories, natural disaster sites, etc, the major challenge that they face is communication and collaboration with their team members. NuovoTeam, a modern-day PTT app, not only helps solve these challenges but also provides additional benefits to the non-desk workers across various industries. 

First, let’s take a look at some of the challenges the on-field workforce grapples with, in their day-to-today operations. 

Challenges of the on-field workers

In this world of globalization, staying connected is not as easy as it looks. The on-field workers come across unforeseen circumstances like poor network, connectivity, rains, storms, on-site accidents. Such challenges require robust devices, tools, and technologies to keep the business running, even during extreme situations. Let’s explore.

Road Travel

The nature of the job of the on-field workers requires extensive traveling. They are always on the move, driving, and traveling for official purposes. With so much travel involved, their lives are full of uncertainties and challenges, which otherwise the in-office employee would not face. For example, their chances of accidents and injuries are more when compared to the non-field workforce.

Overworked field force

Sometimes, even the supervisors working in the office do not know the real situations these on-field workers have to face. This results in chalking out an unrealistic work schedule for the on-field employees, and tired employees are less likely to work effectively. In road situations, like driving, this can be potentially dangerous. This can be fatal, too, in some extreme cases.

Communication-the major issue

All the challenges bud from the fundamental issue-lack of or less or ineffective communication among the team. On-field employees are physically distant from their managers, supervisors, and other desk workers. The conventional ways and modern ways of communication like paperwork, emails, text, and calls are amalgamated in such a manner, which creates confusion for on-field employees. 

Work in a dynamic environment

The on-field workforce operates in dynamic conditions as they have to cater to diverse business requests like delivery, shipping, pick up, etc. In absence of real-time communication and real-time management, sometimes they lose direction and zeal to work as their issues and queries are not solved in real-time. Also, such a dynamic setup poses security and safety concerns for the on-field workers. 

Hampered Wellbeing

The absence of instant communication or inability to alert their team members quickly in times of emergency is one of the biggest roadblocks that come in the way of on-field employees. For example, in case of a dispute with one of the customers, while attempting to deliver goods, the on-field employee will try to connect with the team to resolve the issue. In absence of a cellular network, or poor network-they become helpless. They feel isolated and unsafe. This creates a major impact on their physical and mental well-being.

Great challenges call for great solutions! 

On-the-job challenges paved the way for better on-field communication and collaboration software, equipped with the latest push-to-talk technology and team communication features, NuovoTeam Push-to-talk app.

Let’s explore NuovoTeam in detail, industries that it benefits, and how it helps the non-desk workers.

What is the NuovoTeam PTT app?

Earlier, the on-field workforce communicated with each other via walkie-talkie devices by sending and receiving voice commands on a two-way radiofrequency. Those were useful, but worked within a limited range and were heavy to carry. This gave rise to the need for Push-to-Talk apps, which are comparatively easy to use, work on wi-fi and cellular networks, are not restricted to any specific range, and are compatible with modern OS platforms.

The business world requires razor-sharp tools and technologies, applications, and software.

NuovoTeam is one such latest and most trusted business messaging, communication, and collaboration app. The app replicates the experience of traditional walkie-talkie devices. It helps the on-field workers communicate and collaborate easily and effectively. 

NuovoTeam’s compatibility with Android phones, iPhones, and customized rugged devices makes it an excellent choice for on-field workers. 

Let’s take a quick look at the industries where the NuovoTeam app can be used by the on-field workforce to reap maximum benefits.

Diverse Industries NuovoTeam Caters To

The on-field workforce acts as the lifeline of certain industries; and NuovoTeam with its useful features, is tirelessly helping the following industries:

  • Logistics and transport 
  • Shipping
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • First Responders
  • Manufacturing
  • Constructions
  • Retail
  • Cleaning and Homecare
  • Security

How does the NuovoTeam PTT app Help Non-Desk Workers?

NuovoTeam is a secure and reliable Push to Talk app that offers a plethora of benefits to the team manager as well as on-field workers. It enables the entire team to connect instantly by sending quick voice messages in real-time. Beyond this, NuovoTeam helps the on-field workforce in several ways. Let’s discover!

Push-to-Talk Feature

Instant communications are vital to businesses worldwide. The flawless modern-day Push-to-talk app, NuovoTeam facilitates business-wide communications by allowing the team members to connect instantly by just pressing a button and speaking. The mobile workforce feels connected and helped, especially in emergencies. They can send voice messages to the entire team and get heard in real-time. They also, in this way, get to know their team members and their challenges better.

Diverse OS and Device Compatibility

NuovoTeam is compatible with diverse OS platforms, device types, and networks. Be it Android Phones or iPhones, rugged devices, or custom-built devices, the NuovoTeam app supports almost any kind of device and technology built for business. This makes the NuovoTeam app an excellent choice for the on-field workers. It liberates them from the need to carry an extra heavy handheld device for the PTT feature alone. 

File Sharing

All types of files and documents in different formats can be attached and shared with the team members of the entire company to make the operations smooth and transparent. 

Location Tracking

NuovoTeam’s accurate location settings assist field employees stay on track and save time that would otherwise be wasted traveling. There are options to choose location accuracy mode, and tracking mode so that the real-time location can be fetched. These location sync settings help the managers keep a track of the on-field workers and this helps in distributing work in a balanced way.

Monitored Clock-Ins and Clock-Outs

This feature helps the managers to keep track of their field force workers’ clock-in and clock-out time, which helps to increase employee productivity and also helps to identify overburdened workers. 

VoIP Calling and Encrypted Multimedia Messaging

NuovoTeam allows the on-field employees to talk to each other over VoIP calls and thus saves those extracellular costs. It also allows encrypted text and multimedia messaging, which helps the workers to keep in touch, go paperless, and be more productive and efficient.

SOS Feature

With NuovoTeam’s SOS alert feature, on-field workers can record and send a 10-second audio message. It is circulated as an emergency alert along with a Live location to all the users of the SOS channel.

This feature is unique and helps prevent accidents at bay! 

Closing Lines

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” 

NuovoTeam PTT app does exactly the same-it brings the remote workforce together. It fosters a strong and effective communication strategy to keep the on-field workforce connected, informed, and engaged. Besides, its user-friendly features make it undoubtedly the best app for on-field employees, considering the challenging environments they work in. 

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