What is a Push-to-Talk app?: A Fundamental Elaboration

Definition of Push-To-Talk


Communication is an art. When done right, it possesses the power to make the impossible possible. Businesses across the globe thrive on clear, crisp, and timely communications. Although there are certain factors that help businesses grow and prosper; an effective communication strategy is imperative, is irreplaceable, and can make any business stand apart from the rest. 

This is the “remote era of work.” But what about team communications, then? Well, with time, the way teams and employees communicate has also been digitized. Certain software-based applications facilitate prompt team communications to ensure smooth operations, irrespective of geographical boundaries, team type, industry, and requirements. 

The developers of certain apps fused the essential age-old technologies with advanced modern-day features to help businesses operate in the best ways possible. In short, they applied the logic of having the best of both worlds!

Software-based professional PTT or Push to Talk apps are one of such modern-day team communication and collaboration apps, that work on the lines of walkie-talkie technology. 

Frankly, the push-to-talk technology is not something new to the world but it can’t be tagged as old either. Its utility still stands relevant, especially in the contemporary corporate scenario. These PTT apps are the most trusted and most sought business communication and collaboration software applications as they cater to the industries where the fastest communications define the business credibility. The fact that they are user-friendly makes them a great choice for the remote and on-field workforce. Let’s explore in detail.

What is a push-to-talk app?

As the name suggests, Push-to-Talk or a PTT app or a walkie-talkie app is an instant mode of communication as it facilitates the team members to talk or communicate with the entire team by just pressing a button. Employees can communicate unlimitedly without having to worry about call charges. Also, with the latest PTT apps, the conversations are secure and encrypted. The team members can share confidential documents, files without worrying about security incidents, as these apps are monitored and tracked efficiently.

Generally, Push to Talk technology utilizes a handheld device with a Push-To-Talk button to send and receive instant voice messages. Professional Push-to-Talk apps work similarly, but with the added advantage of without having to carry any additional Push-to-Talk devices. The Push-To-Talk or PTT apps can be easily installed on mobile devices, can be managed, monitored, and secured over the air. These apps also have attractive yet immensely useful additional features like live broadcasts, group messages, emergency alert notifications or SOS alerts, VoIP and video calling, location tracking, etc.

We’ll talk more about the plethora of features a professional PTT app offers, in detail, but let’s explore the need and several applications of the PTT apps.

Need & applications of the PTT app

We have emails, newsletters, announcements, text messages, and many other modes of corporate communications. Even we have cellular phones and traditional walkie-talkie devices. Then, the question is – what is the need for a PTT app? Let’s understand a little more!

For the remote workforce operational today or for the frontline workers, communication stands as a major challenge as they operate in harsh environments, emergencies, noisy construction sites, etc. Building an effective and instant communication strategy is often overlooked by organizations, especially when it comes to frontline workers, on-field workforce, and remote workforce. Though cellular phones come in handy, this fact cannot be ignored that the cellular networks do not behave the way they should, in the above-mentioned conditions. 

Also, cellphones have a set standardized process to dial in a number, find a contact, wait for the other end to respond, or wait for being heard back. Sometimes your on-field employees might chat via text messages over cellular networks and share confidential documents in absence of a professional business app dedicated to their corporate needs and discussions. But, that’s not a secure and consistent way. Sharing sensitive information this way paves the way to data breaches and security incidents, as your confidential corporate data and information gets discussed and shared over private cellular networks. This can intimidate your clientele too as their information also gets shared in an insecure way. Also, the risk of data loss is always there in absence of any consistent unified console.

Employers often think that their field force is active and at work, but in reality, in absence of real-time communication and collaboration systems, the remote and always on-the-go workforce feels isolated, ignored, and often unheard. This not only drags their productivity levels down, but a lack of real-time communication can damage the infrastructure in many possible ways. Sometimes, when not monitored or tracked, employees refrain from being proactive as they lose interest.

The general challenges faced by the on-field workforce are many but to list a few:

  • The on-field workforce has to travel a lot and is always on-the-go
  • Less communication among the team leads to confusions
  • Work in a dynamic, sometimes harsh environment
  • Frontline workers are generally involved in a lot of physical activity
  • Chances of accidents and injuries are more when compared to the non-field workforce
  • Employees feel isolated and unanswerable at times
  • Absence of instant communication in times of emergency

A smart professional PTT app offers granular control over all these above-mentioned issues especially in certain industries where quick and crisp communications are crucial for survival. Let’s quickly walk through the industries where professional PTT apps are used.

  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • First Responders
  • Supply-Chain Management and Logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Event Planning Industry
  • Construction sites & factories
  • Cleaning and homecare
  • Retail

Benefits of a Professional PTT App

The above-mentioned industry-wide challenges and utility paved the way to better on-field communication and collaboration apps. The benefits are many, but to list a few:

  • Cost-effective
  • Time-Savior
  • Field-force friendly
  • Encourage instant and secure communications
  • Compatible across diverse operating systems such as Android, iOS, etc.
  • Connects multiple workers at once
  • Help avoid time-consuming emails and voice calls
  • Execute quick alerts during emergencies
  • Minimal training required

NuovoTeam PTT App

“If the challenge exists, so must the solution!” 

The NuovoTeam app is crafted with care and intent and has the potential to take team communication to another level. NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk app is an all-in-one secure business messaging and collaboration software that helps non-desk workers stay connected, aware, and in touch. It not only helps sort out all the communication-related issues which the on-field workers face, but it has benefits for IT admins as well.

Let’s quickly tour through what NuovoTeam has to offer!

Unified Dashboard

NuovoTeam’s unified dashboard helps the IT admins have a bird’s eye view of their devices as they can easily manage the devices from a single dashboard. 

Smart Device Compatibility

NuovoTeam communication and collaboration software is compatible with Android, iOS, rugged, and custom PTT devices over any network connection. So, your on-the-move team doesn’t need to carry those bulky handheld devices just to leverage the walkie-talkie feature. 

Secure and encrypted multimedia messaging

Employees can send encrypted text and video messages to each other, or the entire team. They can create groups and communicate company-wide through the app. The encryption proves to be a great point of relief as the essential corporate data remains secure.

Real-Time Location Tracking

You can now track and monitor the location of your device fleets in real-time. This comes as a relief to your organization’s digital assets. 

Clock-ins and Clock-outs

NuovoTeam helps to know the clock-in and clock-out time of your non-desk workers. This helps to understand their work patterns, and productivity better. This is helpful for the on-field workers also as it saves them from overwork.

SOS Channel and Newsfeed

NuovoTeam has a special SOS channel feature so that your employees can alert each other in panic situations.

Closing lines

Organizations today need quick yet extensive and tailor-made solutions to face almost any challenge that comes their way including managing remote teams, non-desk compliance, overall employee engagement, security, and integrity. 

NuovoTeam PTT app is crafted keeping modern-day businesses in mind. It is considered the most trusted, reliable, user-friendly, safe, and secure business communication and collaboration app. Each of its features is unique, robust, and has an excellent support team as its backbone.

To attain maximum productivity of the non-desk workers and streamline business communications across remote teams, Push-To-Talk apps are the best choice. A safe, secure, and reliable business communication and collaboration app like the Push-to-Talk app can help reduce the challenges faced by the on-field workforce as they feel connected, answerable, and in touch.

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