What to Look For in a Push-to-Talk Solution Provider?

Picking the right PTT solution provider 1

Businesses that have a remotely functional workforce would agree that seamless communication is a top priority. Even though corporate communications worldwide happen majorly over emails and phone calls, remote industries such as mining, warehousing, construction, logistics, etc. rely on the age-old Push-to-talk technology that offers speedy communication for their deskless workers. With the progressing times, the PTT technology is no longer limited to bulky radio-based devices, it can now be integrated into employees’ smartphones in the form of an app.

But what is still a challenge for businesses, is picking the right PTT service provider. You need to pick a PTT solution that adds value to your business and is loved by your employees. The key to selecting a PTT solution that fits your business best is evaluating your vendor carefully.

Who Is a PTT Solution Provider?

A Push-to-talk (PTT) solution provider offers PTT software for businesses across diverse devices and networks. NuovoTeam is one such PTT solution that enables businesses to leverage ultrafast push-button connectivity for Android & iOS smartphones along with an elaborate feature set to streamline field communications. Push-to-Talk providers allow businesses to turn their employees’ smartphones into walkie-talkies which can mimic the functionality of two-way radios over cellular networks.

Most modern-day PTT service providers, such as NuovoTeam offer comprehensive features for businesses including:

  • Instant PTT connectivity
  • 128-bit encryption for secure communication
  • PTT history and Live Voice Playback
  • Video, text & multi-media messaging
  • Location sharing
  • SOS communication
  • Public & private channels
  • Corporate directory integration

What Must You Look For in a PTT Solution Provider?

 Picking the right PTT solution provider
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Several businesses are modernizing their field communication by implementing PTT solutions. This makes assessing the existing or potential Push-to-Talk provider critical. Here are some of the key considerations to make before you pick your PTT solution provider.

1. Simple User Interface

The prime reason for adopting the PTT technology for your field workforce is to simplify remote communication between various teams. Your PTT solution must have a simple user interface that does not demand much training and complex protocols. Right from adding users to your channels to leveraging push-button connectivity, the PTT app interface must be self-explanatory and easy to use. This ensures that even non-tech savvy field workers can easily connect with their colleagues, without wasting their precious time figuring out processes or raising support tickets.

2. Device Compatibility

Your PTT service provider must offer compatibility with a wide range of devices. Businesses that adopt PTT apps generally deploy Android or iOS smartphones to their field workforce. Most field workers prefer rugged devices over commercial ones to sustain the harsh on-site environments. PTT solutions that are compatible with a wide range of devices such as Android, iOS, rugged devices and custom devices allow businesses the flexibility of use. PTT solutions like NuovoTeam, also offer Desktop PTT capabilities which enable the office staff to leverage PTT connectivity from any machine with a Chrome browser.

3. Clear Pricing Structure

There are several PTT solutions available in the market with diverse features and variable license costs. But does less cost always mean that the solution is cost-effective? There are many solutions that display an appealing license cost but have tons of hidden charges involved. Choose a PTT vendor that offers you a clean pricing plan with no extra charges for registration, set up or locked features.

4. Dashboard Training

Not everyone in your organization is fully tech-savvy. Opting for a Push-to-Talk provider that offers live product demos and dashboard training can help your field workers, as well as your line managers and supervisors to get easily accustomed to the new software. This helps employees understand the solution better and navigate it with ease. It also means lesser support tickets for minor stuck-ups.

5. Pre-Sales Support

PTT vendors that offer pre-sales support allow enterprises to evaluate whether the solution is the right fit for their business needs. You can explore industry use-cases, request quotations and discuss customizations and license plans with the sales teams. This helps businesses make an informed choice.

6. After-Sales Support

PTT vendors that offer after-sales support are definitely to be preferred by businesses. There are great chances of your employees running into errors or technical glitches when using a new PTT solution. Opting for a PTT solution provider who offers after-sales support enables you to leverage anytime help from your vendor. You can gain instant assistance from the product experts for any difficulty that you have throughout your journey.

What Are the Must-Have Capabilities for a Professional PTT Solution?

Every PTT service provider has a different feature set to offer to its customers. Besides exploring the terms, conditions and benefits that various PTT vendors offer, evaluating the features is equally important.

Here are some of the capabilities that you must look for in modern-day PTT solutions:

1. Hands-Free Communication

The sole purpose of implementing PTT for the field workforce is to reduce the tedious dialing and typing procedures and enable your employees to leverage hands-free communication. Most field workers wear bulky protective gear and work in harsh terrains, wherein frequently reaching out for the smartphone in their pocket is not feasible. Modern-day PTT vendors understand this field requirement and offer barge call capabilities in their PTT apps. With this, users are not required to answer the PTT calls. The incoming calls can be heard by everyone in the device vicinity without having to physically receive the call.

2. Group Connectivity

No doubt PTT software offers speedy 1-1 connectivity at the push of a button. But wouldn’t it be nice if this push-button connectivity could be leveraged for group communications as well? Most modern-day PTT solutions enable users to create open and closed groups for team-specific PTT communication. With this, users do not have to make multiple calls to different individuals. A single group PTT call gets the job done and saves massive amounts of time.

3. Emergency or Crisis Communications

An on-site environment is the polar opposite of secure office environments when it comes to physical safety. Mine workers, construction workers, fleet drivers, people working in production lines, etc. operate heavy machinery and work in combustible environments and high-risk zones. PTT communication is not only important for instant connectivity, but also for crisis communication. Features like SOS channels which help your field workforce gather instant help, broadcast emergency updates and more are a must-have in any PTT solution.

4. Strong Feature Set for Business Collaboration

Integrating a PTT app in your employees’ smartphones empowers them to use a single device for multiple purposes. PTT solutions that offer a comprehensive feature set allow your field employees to leverage the best modes of communication. Besides push-button connectivity, the NuovoTeam PTT app offers a plethora of business collaboration features such as video and multimedia messaging, GPS tracking, text messaging and much more. With multitudes of communication features accessible for a single device, your field employees are never out of options to connect with their colleagues.

5. MDM Integration

Opting for a PTT solution that lets you integrate your MDM solution with it can help you save massive IT time and efforts spent on deploying your PTT app on an organization-wide level. You can distribute the PTT app over the air on multiple devices using your MDM solution. Scalefusion MDM integrates seamlessly with the NuovoTeam PTT app, making it a perfect fit for managing a remote workforce.

Closing Lines

In an ever-competitive market, it is important to not be fooled by fancy-looking services that do not add value to your business. Choosing the right PTT solution for your organization has to be a combination of an effective feature set and great services. NuovoTeam is a powerful PTT solution that helps businesses simplify their field communication.

You can know more about NuovoTeam or request a live demo from our product experts.

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