How Does the NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk App Solve Field Service Communication Challenges?

Frontline Communication using PTT

Almost 2 billion people worldwide are field service workers who work in task-oriented roles at remote locations and are constantly on the go. These field service workers interact with your customers, represent your brand and cater to real-world challenges. Be it employees who work at warehouses, manufacturing lines, construction sites, mining sites or logistics and delivery companies, what they lack and deserve the most is seamless and quick communication. Although several enterprises belonging to these industries provide legacy two-way radios such as walkie-talkies or land mobile radios, in today’s mobile-first world, radio communication does not cut it. This is why several businesses are turning towards Push-to-Talk over cellular networks.

Push-to-Talk is a mechanism that allows two users to connect with each other using a simple push-button action. Legacy walkie-talkie radios use this same push-button mechanism to establish a half-duplex communication between the sender and the receiver. Thanks to technological advances, this PTT capability can now be integrated into smartphones and rugged devices using powerful Push-to-talk apps.

What is NuovoTeam?

NuovoTeam is a push-to-talk app that is designed to keep the field employees well-engaged and connected on the go. It can be easily integrated into Android, iOS smartphones, as well as rugged smartphones and custom-built devices. Unlike walkie-talkie radios that require dedicated handsets and licenses, NuovoTeam needs to be simply installed on the users’ devices to enable them to use their smartphones as walkie-talkies. In a mobile-first world, all field industries require not just communication, but real-time collaboration. In view of this, NuovoTeam offers its users a complete suite of communication features right from text messaging to multi-media sharing. It is one app that can cater to all your field communication needs.

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Challenges of Field Workers & How NuovoTeam Helps To Mitigate Them

1. Communicating in Harsh Environments

Most field operations are labor intensive with heavy-duty machinery and harsh terrains. Picking a mobile device for your field employees is vital to creating a seamless communication experience. Most field employees carry more than one mobile device to work. While some businesses provide dedicated walkie-talkie radios to their field workforce, others provide them with rugged devices to sustain the harsh field environments. But the challenge of juggling between several devices in a noisy outdoor environment still persists.

How NuovoTeam helps: NuovoTeam is a Push-to-talk app that can be easily installed on smartphones, as well as rugged devices. With this, your employees can simply carry one rugged smartphone to work that can offer a plethora of instant communication features for your employees. No more need to switch between multiple devices at work.

2. Lack of Collaboration

Voice communication is important for your field workforce, it adds a human element and ensures clarity when conveying messages. However, with today’s dynamic work environments, your field workforce has to manage unpredictable situations and emergencies. Just voice communication is not enough, businesses need to collaborate with their field employees on the go.

How NuovoTeam helps: NuovoTeam offers a wide array of features from instant voice communication such as push-to-talk and VoIP calls, to other means of communication including video messaging and text messaging. Your field employees can instantly share high-quality images, files, as well as their current locations using NuovoTeam.

3. Ineffective Group Communication

Field communication does not just mean connectivity between field employees. Your field employees also need to connect with their line managers, supervisors, subject-matter experts and other remotely located teams. Walkie-talkie radios have geographical limitations and enable only line-of-sight connectivity. Phone calls provide global connectivity, but are too time-consuming as users have to undergo specific dialing protocols and can connect only with one person at a time.

How NuovoTeam helps: NuovoTeam allows companies to create public and private channels to establish group PTT calls. With this, your field employees can connect with multiple people from anywhere in the world. This simplifies communications and ensures that all the concerned employees are on the same page.

4. Non-Secure Business Conversations

Non Secure PTT communication
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Although field communications are different in comparison to office communications, one thing that remains common is data security. Businesses that have a field workforce experience a greater threat of their corporate data being leaked. Legacy walkie-talkies do not offer encryption. Radio frequencies are shared between multiple users or organizations which makes it very easy for strangers to gain access to your private conversations. Ensuring the confidentiality of the sensitive business information that is being relayed back and forth with your field employees is a great challenge.

How NuovoTeam helps: NuovoTeam understands that businesses have to suffer heavy revenue losses and legal and financial penalties if they encounter corporate data breaches. That is why the communication made from the NuovoTeam software is secured with 128-bit encryption.

5. Lack of Safety & Seamless Crisis Communication

Hands-free connectivity is when users do not have to engage themselves in physically receiving a call or reverting to it. This capability is something that field employees require the most given the fact that they are heavily engaged in labor-intensive processes and sport bulky protective gear such as helmets, gloves and safety suits. Receiving a phone call means that the field employees have to surrender the equipment in hand, and remove their gloves and helmet just to pick up a call. This not only puts the employees at risk but also lowers their productivity. In emergencies when lives are on the line, this cumbersome process is highly ineffective.

How NuovoTeam helps: NuovoTeam allows users to receive barge calls as and when they arrive, without the need to manually receive a message. With this, employees can focus on the task at hand and still be updated with all the latest information in a hands-free and eyes-free manner.

Closing Lines

Today’s field service workers have to survive volatile environments wherein communication can make or break their day. It is crucial that businesses opt for evolving technologies as times change. NuovoTeam PTT app helps businesses combine the pros of walkie-talkie radios and modern-day communication tools and delivers streamlined connectivity for all.


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