5 Reasons Why Retailers Love the NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk App

NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk App

Push-to-Talk apps, which are replacing walkie-talkie radios in field services are now gaining traction in the retail industry as well owing to the simplified and seamless communication that they offer. The retail industry is dynamic in nature with new trends surfacing frequently. E-commerce is one such trend that has considerable popularity. However, despite the widespread popularity of online shopping, a majority of shoppers prefer old-school brick-and-mortar stores. People prefer an interactive shopping experience with great customer service. As we already know, communication is one of the most important aspects of customer service. Retail stores have a distributed on-site workforce that needs to communicate efficiently with each other, to deliver a great shopping experience.

Retail stores have employees deployed at various locations, guarding the facility, greeting customers, assisting customers to find the right product, evaluating inventory and attending cash counters. It is impractical for a cashier to run and greet the customer, assist with finding the right product, as well as help the customer with an easy check-out process. Brick-and-mortar stores are buzzing with people more often than not, and demand a large on-site staff deployed at specific locations to cater to diverse customer needs. A push-to-talk app helps this distributed retail workforce stay connected at all times without interruptions.

Retail: The Current Landscape

It is true that online shopping allows customers to shop round the clock and offers greater convenience with doorstep deliveries and instant online payments. But, a majority of people also prefer the in-store retail experience, interaction and pre-purchase product trials, as well as the immediate nature of in-store shopping, rather than waiting for days to receive a delivery and paying extra shipping charges. According to a report, 46% of consumers prefer in-store shopping over online shopping. But, 60.3% of consumers have also abandoned a brand for good due to a poor in-store experience. In view of the modern-day consumer demands, retailers worldwide are prepared to take their in-house service to new levels with an aim of delivering a flawless customer experience.

NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk

NuovoTeam is a push-to-talk app that lets users turn their smartphones into walkie-talkies. Why is this a boon for retailers? Because retailers can ditch the age-old radio-based walkie-talkies and empower their in-house staff with push-to-talk over cellular networks for better clarity and easy push-button connectivity. It offers users to leverage simple and fast push-button connectivity instead of making time-consuming calls and keeping the customers on hold. Besides, since the NuovoTeam app can be easily installed on smartphones, your on-site staff does not need to carry multiple devices to work. Smartphones are owned and operated by almost everyone these days, your employees can leverage instant connectivity using their very own smartphones.

Why Retailers Love NuovoTeam

NuovoTeam PTT for Retail
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1. Improved Inter-Team Collaboration

Your staff can connect with their front-end or back-end teams with just the press of a button. NuovoTeam PTT app is easy to use and adds efficiency to your retail operations. For example, your sales consultants can instantly connect with the inventory managers in the stockroom to find out the product availability instead of running back and forth. Or, cashiers can instantly connect with their teams for price lookup or assistance with customer management.

2. 1-1 and 1-Many Conversations

The communication between in-store staff is always dynamic and situation-driven. NuovoTeam PTT app allows your store employees to connect 1-1 or in groups. Not every communication can be done 1-1, some communications such as company-wide updates, organizational changes, emergency updates, etc. need to be heard and discussed with all employees in the store. With NuovoTeam, you can create diverse public and private channels that let you connect with a specific group of people regardless of their locations.

3. Beyond Just Push-To-Talk

No doubt voice communications are the best form of conveying information since they add a human element to the conversations and drive greater clarity. But, NuovoTeam allows you to step above and beyond simple PTT calls and voice communication and leverage multi-media sharing, location sharing and text messaging, all from the same app. You can instantly share discount details, stock images, invoices and much more with your team members.

4. Easy Implementation

If you have thought of implementing a communication tool for your in-store executives, you must already be aware that endless options exist. But what’s important is that the communication platform that you pick is easy to implement and allows scalability. NuovoTeam integrates easily with Android, iOS smartphones, as well as custom-built devices and offers connectivity on any network, be it WiFi, cellular, 3G, 4G or 5G. You can even integrate your MDM solution and distribute the NuovoTeam app remotely on your bulk devices with ease.

5. Cost Efficient

What’s more comforting than realizing that you have found yourself a solution that can add value to your operations and reduce costs at the same time? Implementing a powerful app like NuovoTeam allows you to skip investing in bulky and expensive radio devices, as well as the extensive licenses that they require. Moreover, with a feature-rich platform like NuovoTeam’s you need not invest in separate instant communication, location tracking or file sharing tools. A single app caters to all your communication needs.

Closing Lines

Good customer service and a well-managed store is the best strength that retailers can have today. Your customers must feel engaged and satisfied even during your busiest hours. NuovoTeam steps in perfectly to fill the communication void for your in-store staff and helps deliver greater efficiency.

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