10 Reasons That Make NuovoTeam the Best Walkie-Talkie App


Everyone has a smartphone these days with many mobile apps that help them accomplish various tasks. Even enterprises are rapidly adopting apps and tools to manage diverse aspects of their business. But simply having a smartphone with apps is not enough. It is important to have the right apps that simplify your complex tasks. One such powerful app is the walkie-talkie app which has enabled businesses to leave behind the age-old traditional walkie-talkie radio devices and experience the ultra-fast connectivity that suits the modern-day work environment. NuovoTeam is one of the best walkie-talkie apps that businesses must explore, especially if you have a field workforce.

What Is NuovoTeam?

NuovoTeam is a walkie-talkie app for Android and iOS smartphones that enables users to turn their smartphones into walkie-talkies. Unlike traditional walkie-talkie radios, NuovoTeam offers anytime, anywhere connectivity over cellular networks like 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi. No need to dial numbers or type lengthy emails, NuovoTeam can be installed and set up easily on Android and iOS smartphones and offers instant push-button connectivity just like a walkie-talkie.

Here are the major industries that can benefit from the NuovoTeam PTT app:

10 Reasons Why NuovoTeam Is Ideal for Modern-Day Field Communications

NuovoTeam stands out as a fast, convenient and reliable communication tool when compared to other modes of communication, including phone calls, emails, text messages, or radio communication. 

Feeling puzzled? Here are 10 strong reasons why the NuovoTeam PTT app is a must for your field communications.

1. Subscription-Based Tool

NuovoTeam is a subscription-based tool that can be easily integrated into Android and iOS smartphones. Unlike traditional walkie-talkie devices that require businesses to invest heavily in purchasing dedicated devices and expensive radio licenses, NuovoTeam offers the same walkie-talkie-like connectivity on the user’s smartphone. You can leverage a 14-day free trial to experience the platform hands-on and get acquainted with the interface and features. It cannot get more convenient and cost-effective than this!

2. Saves Time

Phone calls and emails are popular and widely used in today’s corporate world. But why is it that industrial sectors like mining, hospitality, emergency services, etc., still rely on age-old walkie-talkies? It’s because walkie-talkies offer instant push-button connectivity that is ultra-fast and devoid of complex procedures. NuovoTeam helps you to save precious minutes spent dialing a phone number and waiting for the receiver to answer it or typing a lengthy formal email. All you have to do is select the user or group that you want to connect with, press the PTT button and talk.

3. Encrypted Communication

When considering a communication tool for businesses, it’s no surprise that data security has to be factored in. Data is at present the most valuable asset a company can have. And hackers are evolving rapidly and discovering newer and better ways to hack into systems and lay their hands on sensitive corporate information. When using traditional walkie-talkie radios, corporate data security goes off the radar. Radio networks can be easily intercepted and communications are not necessarily private.

NuovoTeam offers 128-bit encryption for all communication that happens via the platform. Be it your instant messages or PTT calls you can rest assured that malicious actors cannot easily hack their way into your corporate communications.

4. Ideal for Crisis Communication

For employees who are a part of the field workforce, time is of greater importance. Getting help a few minutes faster when an emergency strikes can save lives. Working in harsh outdoor environments that are prone to accidents and hazards of various kinds makes it crucial for field employees to have a tool to leverage instant help. NuovoTeam is the best walkie-talkie app for emergencies. It comes with an SOS channel to convey faster and better during crises. You can make SOS calls which automatically initiate a 10-second PTT call followed by sharing the employee’s current location.

5. Safer for Employees

We all are aware that distracted driving is the major cause of road accidents. A report suggests that in 2019 alone, 3,142 people were killed and an estimated additional 424,000 people injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers. Talking on the phone or texting while you drive is illegal in several parts of the world. 

NuovoTeam enhances safety while driving with the help of barge calls. You can create broadcast groups and broadcast a message across diverse teams which would be received as and when the message is sent. With this, your drivers or workers in various labor-intensive facilities can stay updated about the latest happenings in a hands-free manner. Moreover, PTT calls are designed to be speedy and concise. Your employees can prevent lengthy dialing procedures and long conversations while focusing more on the job at hand.

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6. Ability to Replay Messages

Field jobs are not easy. Depending on your field of work, you are almost always surrounded by heavy machinery, engaged in physical work sporting bulky protective gear. It’s not always possible for field employees to make themselves instantly available for a phone call. Employees may not even hear their phone ring if they work in noisy environments, leading to another missed call. This is what eventually results in information silos and disengaged teams.

NuovoTeam lets you access a PTT call history and replay the older PTT messages as many times as you like. Employees no longer need to leave the work at hand to urgently attend a PTT call, they can stay updated and access the PTT message archive anytime they like.

7. Simplified Group Communication

There are several tools and ways in which you can have a remote group discussion, but how many of them are hassle-free? Think of the number of steps you must take to add multiple people to a regular phone call. NuovoTeam takes away the fuss involved in group communication. You can create numerous public or private channels based on employees belonging to various locations, departments or projects. Send a 1-1 PTT, or a group PTT just as easily with NuovoTeam.

8. Easy Integrations

You can integrate powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions like Scalefusion with your NuovoTeam dashboard to simplify the deployment of NuovoTeam to all your employees’ devices. Additionally, NuovoTeam offers an extensive set of APIs to help you integrate NuovoTeam’s functionalities with your web app or backend systems.

9. Desktop PTT

Field workers have to communicate frequently, not just with their on-site crew members but also with their supervisors and other team members located at various places. NuovoTeam enables the office staff to quickly get in touch with their field employees using Desktop PTT. Imagine working in an office setup and switching between your PC and smartphone every time you need to make a PTT call. NuovoTeam’s Desktop PTT enables employees to make PTT calls straight from their desktops or any machine with a Chrome browser.

10. More Than Just a Walkie-Talkie App

Lastly, although PTT is the highlight of this tool, NuovoTeam has a lot more to offer to ensure that its users stay well-connected and collaborated. You can send text messages, images, videos, documents and even your locations. Send images, videos, business documents and invoices or simply make a video call to enable faster decisions. 

NuovoTeam also lets employees clock in and clock out from the app which enables their managers to analyze their working hours and performance metrics. Supervisors can leverage a comprehensive summary of their employees’ average working hours, locations and much more from the NuovoTeam dashboard.

Closing Lines

NuovoTeam is an app designed for all. Employees belonging to diverse fields and business sectors can make the most of NuovoTeam’s powerful feature set to streamline their remote collaboration and improve operational efficiency. Don’t take our word for it, try NuovoTeam yourself.

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