Introducing Desktop Push to talk (PTT): Now Connect Your Office to Your Field Force With NuovoTeam

Desktop Push-to-Talk

We are thrilled to announce that NuovoTeam now offers Desktop Push-to-talk (PTT) that is seamlessly integrated with the Chrome browser, negating the need to install desktop clients. Designed with the thought to enable the office workforce to connect effortlessly with their on-field colleagues, NuovoTeam’s Web-Based PTT allows instant communication between the office and the field helping them bridge the gap and stay connected.

NuovoTeam’s Desktop PTT: What’s Different?

Frontline employees are critical to your business’s productivity and reputation. The way supervisors communicate with their frontline employees marks the course of your operations. As most office environments are dominated by PCs and laptops, wouldn’t it be so much simpler if the office staff could make PTT calls from their PCs? The NuovoTeam’s Desktop PTT makes it possible. 

Line managers and supervisors need not make frequent switches from their PC to smartphones just to make a PTT call. They can leverage PTT directly from the NuovoTeam dashboard using any PC, macOS or Linux machine, all that is needed is a Chrome browser. Just sign in to the NuovoTeam dashboard, click on the PTT & Chats section and leverage instant PTT connectivity.

What does the NuovoTeam Desktop PTT Support?

Industry Applications of DesktopPTT

The ability of managers and supervisors to instantly connect with their frontline employees using the Desktop PTT plays a crucial role in several industrial sectors.

NuovoTeam’s Desktop PTT is a fine addition, tailored to save time and effort spent in streamlining remote connectivity. Why juggle between the devices when you can have it all on a single console. Experience it for yourself. Sign in to get started.

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