Instantaneous Communication

The ability to instantly connect with your field workforce is the biggest benefit of using smartphones with PTT apps integrated.

Worldwide Coverage

Anywhere in the world, field staff can communicate with their coworkers or line managers.

Cost Control

The installation of PTT apps on employees' cellphones nowadays eliminates the need for enterprises to spend money on procuring specialized PTT devices.

Hands-free Communication

PTT makes it possible for barge calls to be heard immediately by the employee and everyone around him.

Improved Safety

Compared to other company communication techniques, employees may communicate SOS notifications, crisis updates, and get assistance more quickly.

Group Connectivity

You can speak to a particular group of people and make sure that your complete team receives information effectively thanks to modern PTT.

Multi-Media Messaging

PTT apps allow your field staff to transfer files in a variety of forms, such as photographs, documents, videos, etc., as well as take advantage of instant PTT connections.