Smartphones Can Be Turned into Walkie Talkies

Modern-day PTT technology enables businesses to turn their employees’ smartphones into walkie-talkies, which can be installed on any Android, iOS, rugged smartphones or custom devices.

Group-Specific Communication

You can create groups based on your field employees’ locations, departments, etc. to convey business-critical information to multiple people at once.

Remote Employee Management

Modern-day PTT apps allow users to share their current locations to keep their crew members and line managers updated about their positions.

Cross-Platform Interoperability

PTT apps easily integrate with commercial smartphones such as Android and iOS, as well as rugged smartphones which are generally preferred for field jobs.

Greater Coverage & Secure Communication

Modern-day PTT apps offers connectivity over cellular networks that offer users an encrypted connection of 128-bit to 256-bit data encryption making it nearly impossible to intercept messages.

MDM Integration

Modern-day PTT services allow businesses to integrate MDM software of their choice with the dashboard to simplify bulk device management.