Improved Inter-Team Collaboration

Your staff can connect with their front-end or back-end teams with just the press of a button. NuovoTeam PTT app is easy to use and adds efficiency to your retail operations.

1-1 and 1-Many Conversations

The communication between in-store staff is always dynamic and situation-driven. NuovoTeam PTT app allows your store employees to connect 1-1 or in groups.

Beyond Just Push-To-Talk

NuovoTeam allows you to step above and beyond simple PTT calls and voice communication and leverage multi-media sharing, location sharing and text messaging, all from the same app.

Easy Implementation

This app integrates easily with Android, iOS smartphones, as well as custom-built devices and offers connectivity on any network, be it WiFi, cellular, 3G, 4G or 5G.

Cost Efficient

What’s more comforting than realizing that you have found yourself a solution that can add value to your operations and reduce costs at the same time?