NuovoTeam is the best walkie-talkie app for emergencies. It comes with an SOS channel to convey faster and better during crises.

You can create numerous public or private channels based on employees belonging to various locations, departments or projects. Send a 1-1 PTT, or a group PTT just as easily with NuovoTeam.

NuovoTeam offers an extensive set of APIs to help you integrate NuovoTeam’s functionalities with your web app or backend systems.

NuovoTeam’s Desktop PTT enables employees to make PTT calls straight from their desktops or any machine with a Chrome browser.

NuovoTeam has a lot more to offer to ensure that its users stay well-connected and collaborated. You can send text messages, images, videos, documents and even your locations.

NuovoTeam offers 128-bit encryption for all communication that happens via the platform.